Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12+ Hours in a Car with Toddler Twins...

Can you say painful?

Actually I have to admit it could have been much worse. Although my kids didn't sleep for more than maybe 2 hours, they were fairly well behaved and did co-operate for the most part. We watched movies, played with toys and snacked along the way. This was one of those times I was glad the twins are still in diapers.

We left on the 23rd of December, and stopped a few times along the way trying to be as leisurely as we could. We left home at 8:10am and got to our destination at 7:45pm. Ya know...before I had kids I used to make that drive in about 10 hours.

We got to Florida in just enough time to drop N off at my grandparents (her brother and SIL) and then head over to my aunt S with whom I was staying. My parents also went down, and they actually arrived several hours before we did. We met with them for a few minutes that first night too.

Here is a pic of S and K at the Florida Welcome Center.

I will post seperately each day we spent in Florida to help orgaize the trip better :)

Decmber 20th - The Big Event

On December 20th, we had our "Christmas Day". We were heading to Florida and I didn't have to room to lug all the presents with us, so we just moved the festivites up a few days.

It was a great day. A late lunch with BY's and then a night time present fest. I made a sad realization. My kids are beyond spoiled and I can't start buying for Christmas any sooner then November from now on. I realized that since I bought a little here and there, that little bit added up to a ton of crap! I spent way more than I should have, and the twins had way too much stuff. I actually took about half of it away and put it back in my closet for later in the year when they need some fresh toys.

K got her one and only request - a purple purse. The kid is such a girly-girl I can't stand it. They both got bikes, which were a big hit. S liked many of his toys but his favorites were probably his Pixter and Remote Helicopter.

I took over 200 pictures! So I am only including three below which get the main points across :)

When Did People Stop Being Greatful?

I feel like there is an epidemic of people feeling like they are entitled to what life has to offer. They are not grateful to what comes to them, because on some level, they believe they deserve it, and your job was to give it to them.

Family A that our Multiples group adopted was a mom with infant twins who were born early. She also had a teenage daughter with a 2yo son. We bought several hundred dollars worth of items for the children and arranged a drop off. Me and another mom dropped the items off and this woman didn't even feel it necessary to be there. Her teenage daughter took the items and barely commented or said thanks. The only real thing she asked was who was bringing the presents for her and her mom. WTF? A simple thank you would have satisfied me.

The second family, whom I had to drop off items to the next day, was a single mom with 4 children, the youngest two being twins. At first I didn't even want to meet her because she was so difficult to pin down a time and then after experiencing Family A's crap the day before, my spirit was kinda killed. Well, thank goodness I did go because she renewed my faith in people. She gave us a card saying thank you and even baked some cookies. It wasn't much, but at least it said she was grateful for the help.

If only more people could be like mom B.

Holiday Party with Multiples Group

On Saturday December 13th we had our annual Christmas party with the multiples group. The kids always have a blast at these events because there are 2 of every one of their friends. They all run around like chickens with their heads cut off and go crazy. Santa and his elf also makes an appearance (so yes, that's now three visits to Santa)

Below is the collection of gifts our group donated to two needy twin families this Christmas. We did a really nice job and I was super proud of our group.

Pictures With Santa

On Sunday December 7th we went to the mall to see Santa. Both the twins did really well until it was time to go. Then they both had fall out tantrums. After trying to understand the garbled speech of a 2 year olds sobs, I figured it out. They both thought they would be getting their desired gifts right then. Poor things. Luckily it passed quickly and I think they understood that Santa would be back later with their presents.

A few days later while we were in Walmart, we were told that Santa was there and pictures were free! Well we had to go visit. Both twins were a little confused with this Santa, but K soon warmed up to him. S wouldn't go near him.

Saturday December 6th

Today, the twins and I walked in our local Christmas Parade with our multiples group. We had a lot of fun despite freezing our butts off. Mr Potato Head followed right behind us. I think this freaked out K just a bit as she kept looking behind us.

The twins mostly stayed wrapped up in their stroller and blanket, but I think they enjoyed all the attention. They even aired it on television the next week. We are already planning on what we will do next year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...

I have just been super busy. I will update this blog with all our December happenings during the week. Hopefully I haven't lost any readers in my slackness :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Q is Okay

But has been through a lot.

Apparently her husband (who had moved out a few months ago) hid in the bushes at her home. When she got out of the car he grabbed her and held her at gun point. She was able to escape and ran to a friends home. I hate that there are people in the world like this.

He is in jail tonight, but the judge gave him $5000 bail, so he will probably be out soon. It drives me crazy that someone who threatened another person with death, could be released from jail for $5000 measly dollars.

This world is crazy!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

K's Role Model

Last year my sister J lived with me. She was very troublesome and just added to my stress (she was 17) and so early this year she was asked to leave. Since then we haven't spoken much but in the last few weeks, J has been around a bit. K really love J and seems to be very similar in personality.

I am not a girly-girl. I don't wear dresses, make up or carry a purse. My nails are never done and my hair gets pulled back in a simple ponytail. J is very girly. Make up, hair all done, fancy clothes. But she also has tattoos and piercings.

K carries a purse everywhere she goes. In fact she wants a purple purse from Santa for Christmas along with clothes and makeup - figure that out for a two year old. Anyway, yesterday she sees the piercing place and says she wants her ears pierced. I try to talk her out of it saying it will hurt and she insists. Yaya (J) has it. So she needs it. Well K was pretty set on it until I got serious about it and said she could pick out a pair but it would hurt. K turns to me and says "No ears pierced, get nails done" - OMG!

It only got worse when we got home and K walked up to me all serious and said "Mommy, nose pierced" , which J also has done. If I'm dealing with this at two, I am afraid of 13.

I Hate Being Worried

I love my babysitter Q. She is awesome and the kids love her. She is a very strong woman and an extremely hard worker. All day today I have been worried out of my mind for her.

Q works for me during the week, and actually works on the same nursing unit as I do on weekends. So this morning my boss calls me and asks if I have heard from Q. I say no and ask why. She was last heard of on Saturday night having a very loud argument with her husband when her phone went dead and she didn't come to work on Sunday or Monday. Obviously everyone at work was very worried.

To help understand why all our minds went to such a dark place, a little over 4 years ago, another co-worker, and good friend of mine, was murdered by her husband. She was also a strong, hard working woman and a great friend. She was killed on a Friday and found Sunday after not showing up to work. This is still a fresh wound in all our hearts and minds.

Now back to Q. After calling her with no answer twice I finally called one of her friends. This friend, T, said that Q was safe at that moment but that she was talking to people and couldn't talk. I assume and hope that she was talking to the police. I told T to tell Q that I would be more then happy to give her a place to stay if she needed and to tell Q to call me as soon as she could. This was about 3 hours ago and I still haven't heard anything.

Although I know she is safe, I have no idea what she has been through or how hurt she is. I am scared for her as well as her kids. I am also afraid that she will return to this evil person and open herself up again, as so many battered women do.

I cannot lose another friend like this...

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