Monday, April 30, 2012

Not Much Excitement

Nothing much going on here except the everyday chaos of life with three kids.

We are getting into the home stretch with the last few weeks of school and all the activities that brings. The kids as usual have a million birthday parties each weekend and then throw in some playdates here and there...well it makes for a non-stop weekend.

The twins start swimming lessons this weekend. I am hoping they will enjoy them and get more comfortable in the water. My hopes is to be able to continue the lessons until they are confident swimmers. I need to start M in lessons too when he reaches the age that I don't have to go in with him.

I am doing fairly well. Still tired all the time, which sucks, but it's starting to become my new norm. I won another Nursing recognition (maybe I already mentioned that) which was nice. I am a little bummed out because my boss of twelve years, someone who I deeply respect and love to work under is leaving for bigger and better things. She deserves the new position more than I can express, but I am totally mourning her loss and the potential implications for my job depending on the person who takes her place.

I am encouraged by my budgeting so far this year. I haven't used my credit card this year at all. I am paying everything I need to, including unexpected medical bills and extra things like swimming lessons and summer camps. I have even been able to squirrel away some money for my car insurance payment that will be due in July. I am slowly paying off my existing debt, but I am encouraged with the progress I have made so far.

My weight...well that's another story. I need to get working on that next. Maybe in a few years I can be my goal weight and out of would that be like?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great Florida Vacation

This year while the kids were on Spring Break I decided we would go to Florida for the week. I have family there, and before M's birth we went at least once a year to visit. Since M's birth...none. I guess the thought of traveling with three kids was a little overwhelming. I am happy to report however, that the trip was really nice. The 10.5 hour drive there and back wasn't nearly as painful as I was afraid it would be, and overall the kids behaved pretty well. I actually can't wait until we can do it again!!

I stayed with my Aunt which was great and a wonderful way to save money - in fact the most expensive part of the whole trip was the gas. My Aunt's daughter is 21 so she liked having little kids around the house again. She is also pretty laid back so I didn't need to run behind the kids every minute watching what they were doing. The biggest bonus...she has a pool and hot the kids were VERY happy!
We kept things mostly low key but we we did go to some great places. The Children's Museum, Chuck E Cheese and some great meals out were nice cheap getaways. We went to the beach...because how can you go to Florida and not hit the beach!? I'm glad we went, for the experience, but in the end I think we decided that our family is not cut out for Beach life. The twins LOVED playing in the surf (this was a huge step for K who never went near a body of water before) and M loved playing in the sand. It became apparent however, that my kids do not enjoy the feeling of sand being lodged in all their little body parts. S had a little melt down as we were leaving which resulted in me stripping him naked and showering him down. Good thing the boys isn't bashful.
Another cool visit was a small community aquarium. There the kids were able to touch different ocean critters including sting rays. The kids were even given a chance to feed them, but chickened out at the last moment.
Overall it was a great trip. Lots of great time with family. Not a lot of money spent and a wonderful experience for the kids. S, who didn't have much confidence in the water at the beginning of the week, was nearly a fish by the end of the week. K loved the different activities and visiting with her extended family and M loved it all :0)
As a special bonus, we were able to meet up with other families who used the same sperm bank we did. Our bank has an online forum, so these are people I have been 'chatting' with for 5+ years. We were able to meet one family one night and me and the mom talked for 3 hours while the kids played. Another day we actually attended a group meet up where there were 5 families there. It was so neat to see the people I had seen grow up in pictures the past few years. 

In the end, I had such a good time and I loved seeing everyone again. We are definitely trying to plan another trip...maybe even later this year. I hope the kids can look back on these trips with the same fondness I do when I think about my childhood :0)

Where Did the Time Go....

How is it that I get so behind with updating this blog!? A lot has happened in the last few weeks...let me catch you up.

First, the iPhone. I was able to get another one. My sister, who I have mentioned before as being very pretty with guys bowing down to her feet, tweeting looking for a Verizon phone. Well...someone gave her a BRAND NEW in box Droid Razr. Then, I guess some of her good luck rubbed off on me and I was able to find someone who wanted to trade their iPhone for a in the end, it worked out :)

Second, I had a follow up with my Neuro Doc which was overall uneventful. Neurologically I am fine. No causes for concern. Lab work was good too. I am constantly tired, so he wants me to have a sleep study, which I have still yet to schedule and finally I had to step on a scale for the first time in a long time. I don't have much of a comment for that except to say that something needs to change soon...real soon.

Third, M has started OT. I am still a little miffed that he qualified and was ticked off a little further when the therapist said one of my goals needed to be getting him to sleep in his own bed. Not that this isn't a great goal, but what business of it is hers where my child sleeps?

And lastly, we took a great little vacation to visit family in Florida. For that...I will write a separate post :)

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