Friday, July 30, 2010


Just dropped off another box of breastmilk. Not trying to consistenly brag here...but it's the easiest way for me to keep track of my total donation amount :-)

I'll make it up to you with funny kid stories

Tonight while nursing M was playing with his soother. We about 10 minutes into our session, he popped off, put the soother in his mouth, rolled over and went to bed. I had to chuckle. He know what he wants, doesn't he?

K is back to talking about getting married all the time. She asked me tonight if she could marry Max. I told her not likely. I mentioned the possiblity of her marrying a little boy-friend named D. She responded with disgust "No!" and I asked her why. Her response "D doesn't have brown hair. I need to marry a boy with brown hair!" She also required that I made sure I let my mom know that she was invited to the wedding.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not Too Much Going on Here

Everyday life right now.

Max is everywhere. He finally figured out that with crawling comes freedom. He now prefers to be on the floor. He also likes to follow me from room to room which right now is cute because as soon as he 'finds' me he gets this super big grin on his face...but I'm sure will get old soon. Although I'm sure it was the same with the twins, I just can't believe how dirty my floors are! Max finds every little thing and every clump of dog hair. I'm going to nickname him Hoover :)

We are also trying to get Max to sleep in his crib. With him as mobile as he is, sleeping in the bed is just too dangerous. I put the mattress on the lowest setting and the last 2 or three nights we've been trying to get him to sleep in the crib. The first night I moved him once he was asleep, last night about half asleep and tonight I put him right into the crib after nursing. Tonight was bad.

Max screamed and screamed. He was so angry. I tried sitting next to the crib for a few minutes but that didn't help. I left and let him cry for a few, and then came back to lie him back down and give him his soother again. I left again and that time he became extremely angry. He almost started to hyperventilate and I guess in the process swallowed too much air because he then started to wretch and threw up all over, but also let out a huge burp. I guess he won the battle because I picked him up and rocked him to sleep before putting him back to bed.

I can't wait to try again tomorrow :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

And About 24 Hours Later


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still Not Yet 100%


Monday, July 19, 2010

We Have a Date

K finally has a date for her surgery. She will be getting her radio frequency ablation to her leg on August 11th. Her pre-op visit will be August 4th.

They have already told me that they will need to draw labs on the 4th so I have started to prep K a little. Needles are her biggest fear with all of this and I don't want her to think I am every being deceptive with her. The 4th will be very stressful for her.

On the 11th she will be given general anesthesia and a small incision will be made in her leg. A small drill will drill down into the tumor and a hot wire will be threaded into the tumor and heated to about 90 degrees Celsius for about 8 minutes. After that, the procedure will be finished. She should go home later that night and recovery will be fairly simple.

I hope everything goes well. I am tired of dealing with all this pain and mobility issues in my four year old. I am ready to put this behind us!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Last Day Together...

So bitter sweet...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub

How many preschoolers can you fit in a tub?

Today was rainy and gloomy so we mostly spent the day inside. I think everyone needed a low key day after the marathon of activity we have had the past week. J and I, along with the twins and M, did make it to some children's clothing stores to find some outfits for the kids to wear tomorrow when we take some group pictures. We did pretty well hitting sales and clearance racks!

N with the boys

Tomorrow is our last day together :( We are going to go to the local gardens to get some pictures and maybe something other low key. I think the weather is calling for rain again tomorrow afternoon so we will head out early to beat the bad weather.

Update on K

On Thursday we went to the Children's Hospital to see the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. Our appointment was at 10a and I was hopeful to be home by noon-ish. Hahahaha...yah right.

Dr G was very nice. She spoke to K about her symptoms and tried to read the x-rays K's previous doc had given us. They were too small for her to see, so we needed another set of x-rays (grrrr). After Dr G was able to see a better picture, she felt that the Radio Frequency Ablation was the best course of action and told us that the radiologist would call us to set up a date. We had gotten to our car and started to drive off when Dr G called me on my cell and said to come back because the radiologist wanted to get a CT scan to better visualize the tumor (double grrr).

So we came back to the hospital and were told that we were scheduled to have the CT at 12:40p. This is a HUGE hospital with multiple towers. We took a shuttle to one tower where K and I grabbed some lunch and then made sure we were where we were supposed to be at 12:30p. There we sat until 2:30p!!!!!! I was not happy. K was miserable, she was hurting (I didn't think to bring her medicine with us), I was hurting (didn't bring the pump) and my babysitter was still stuck with the boys at home.

K was called back at 2:30p and had fallen asleep on the chairs with her head resting on the arm of the chair (see pic below). We got into the scanner room and K lost it. She started crying saying she was scared and wouldn't go near the machine. I think at this point she was sooo tired and hurting that she just could no longer cope with anything new. After the radiology techs talked with her and let her push some of the machine buttons, she relaxed and let them scan her. It also helped that they let me stay and hold her hand...with a lead shield of course.

I got the call yesterday from the radiologist saying that everything was a go for the RFA and that he felt K was a good candidate. The only thing is that we need to go to see him for a pre-op visit and talk with pediatric anesthesia prior to scheduling the procedure. It feels like this will never end! It should be an outpatient procedure where K can come home that evening. Of course now it's Saturday and I still don't have a pre-op appointment scheduled. I hope they call Monday and we can get this ball rolling. K is in so much pain and is requiring medication every 4 to 6 hours around the clock. We all need relief from this as soon as possible.

***And my grrrr's are from the fact that I am very unhappy with the level of radiation that my child has been exposed to in the last two months. 5+ sets of x-rays and a CT scan as well as the fact that she will be scanned during her procedure and possibly a few weeks after for follow up. I just hope that none of this is causing any long term issues!

Another Fun Outing

Today we went to a new spray park that just opened this summer. It was a super cool area with shooting fountains, water guns, spraying rainbows and much more. We met up with another set of friends which also include another set of 4yo twins. So three sets of boy/girl twins...we were quite the presence!

The kids had fun running around and getting wet, but only for about 40 minutes. Then everyone was tired, hungry or hot. J and I didn't mind packing up because dopey us wore a shirt and jeans and felt over heated from the moment we arrived.

After the spray park we headed to the bowling alley. Our friends joined us so we were bowling with 3 sets of twins, an additional 2yo and a baby. After one round of bowling, some eating and the twins deciding it would be fun to shoot 2 or 3 balls down the lane at once...we figured we better leave before being kicked out.

We headed back home where Max and I got in a quick nap followed by a yummy dinner out at our favorite Mexican Restaurant and then a shopping trip at Walmart. Let's just say that where ever we go chaos ensues. We are both crazy for attempting anything, but the kids seem to be having fun...and that's the most important thing...right??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7 Months and 4 Days


Yes, today M is 7 months and 4 days...and this morning he woke up throwing up :-( This is M's first illness; up until now he hasn't has as much as a sniffle. By the end of the day, the vomiting had stopped and he was his happy little self. Unfortunately, he now has diarrhea, but it seems as though this is a fast moving virus so hopefully he will be all better by morning.

Since we are talking about M, I might as well give you an update. At 7 months M is growing up way faster than I would like. He is sitting like a pro. One of his favorite things is to sit and play on the floor with his older brother or sister. He is also EXTREMELY close to crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks, but he is also able to pull and push himself where ever he wants to go. I very much consider him mobile now. M has also already mastered the art of pulling up on things. If there is something he can reach he tries to stand up next to it. S was walking by 10 months and I have no doubt that M will be the same.
M is also all about eating. Everything and anything he sees, he wants. He doesn't have any teeth but that doesn't stop him. I have pretty much given up and feed him bits and pieces of everything we eat. The little bugger won't eat baby food or rice cereal so I guess I won't be buying anymore of that. He does however enjoy the Gerber finger foods. I am so glad for this as it's the only thing that keeps him occupied when I am busy cooking dinner or something similar.
As far as personality, overall M is still a happy, laid back baby. He is very smiley and flirts with anyone who will give him any attention. He does tend to be clingy with me and is starting to have stranger anxiety. So far though, this has been minimal. Every few days he has a very cranky day. Given his age, and his desire to chew everything I am blaming that on teething along with his frustration with limited mobility. Everyone always comments about what a happy and content baby he is. I am very thankful for that.
Once the P family heads back home, M will be forced to sleep in his crib as I just don't think co-sleeping is safe anymore. I'm sure he won't like that one bit since he still wants to be nursed to sleep, but he will adjust. Maybe once he is in the crib he will start sleeping completely through the night vs waking for an early morning feed :-)
A girl can dream

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Punch to the Gut

Have you ever been up to receive something, and at the time really didn't seem to care, until you found out that you didn't get it?

A few months ago my supervisors told me that they were nominating me for a work related award. It is very prestigious but I usually don't get sucked into that kind of stuff. I gave them the info they needed and didn't think too much about it. As time went by though, my supervisors were really optimistic about me getting this award and telling me the things to expect. Even last week, when the awards were to be announced they were 'teasing' me about it. I guess I let my guard down and started to think I might actually get it.

Well, tonight when I opened my work email, they had sent out the list of winners, and I wasn't on it. I am really depressed, but more so angry that I allowed myself to get excited about it. I guess this feeling tonight is exactly why I don't let myself get excited about crap like this.

Two other nurses on my unit did win this award. They are good nurses but don't put in near as much 'extra' work as I do. I know my immediate supervisors appreciate and acknowledge everything I do, but it would be nice if once in awhile someone else acknowledged it too. It seems as though in the last 10 years I have always gone above and beyond in many respects, but I have never gotten anywhere for it. If I had to put together a resume now, there would be nothing that I could show that would symbolize all that I have done.

And can I say how bad the timing is that a friend just posted on my FB wall that she is looking for someone in her company, more specifically a registered nurse with oncology experience? I might just look into it.

The Chaos is Gone...for Now :)

The P family packed up this morning and headed to NYC for a few days. Yes, you read that right. J, who drove 18 hours here, then spent a crazy weekend at GWL, is now driving another 10 hours. She is doing this for her older three children who have wanted to visit NYC...isn't she an amazing mom?

I can't believe six people, five of them being kids, were able to get up and out of my house this morning without waking us! I think we are all just so worn out. This afternoon the twins and I laid down for a nap at 1:30p and woke up at 5p!! We really must have needed the sleep!

The P's will be back Thursday and the fun and chaos will begin again!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Texas Crew is HERE!

That's right, the P family from TX has once again graced us with their presence! I don't know how J does it. She drove from TX to here, over 18 hours, with five kids in tow! She arrived here Saturday night and we have been going non-stop since!

On Sunday we all headed to GWL for a great mini vacation. Yes, poor J had only partially recovered from a two day drive and here we were hitting the road again. I think it was worth it though as this themed hotel is such a cool place. Rooms with little cabins for the kids, HUGE water park, arcade, story times, games, restaurant...etc. Both the big and little kids had a blast. This is definitely a place we will go again.

FYI for those thinking of going...a Paw Pass is a great idea and DON'T eat at the restaurant inside the hotel...very pricey! You can easily stay two or three nights if you have the cash.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Five

I am giving myself a pat on the back. I dropped off my fourth box of donated breast milk to my mama of six, making a grand total of donated milk to be 1275 ounces!

Yeah me!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Fourth

For the 4th of July Weekend we went to my parents cabin in the mountains.

My parents came and picked up the twins on Friday and took them up first. It was the first time the twins were ever away from me, with an extended distance. I did well and the twins loved going up to the cabin with Grandma and Pop-pop. N, Max and I went up the next morning. It was a LONG 4 hour drive but it went pretty smoothly.

Saturday was filled with 4-wheel driving, BBQ'ing and a Campfire complete with roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Sunday was much the same with some added swimming and then of course a fireworks show put on by Pop-pop. Monday afternoon we came back home. All of us were tired and very dirty, but we all had a very good time!

The twins are a perfect age right now for the cabin. They love to be outside and play in the nature. The enjoyed riding the 4-wheelers and exploring the nature around them. I would have liked for them to have a little more fear in certain situations...but it was wonderful to see them so happy. It would be wonderful if the cabin were closer and we could go once or twice a month, but I don't see that happening with a 4 hour drive. Maybe one other weekend my parents go up, they will take the twins again.

Max did pretty well, but was rather fussy. Probably due to his bedtime being all messed up and him having to share an air mattress with me at night :) Thankfully there were three sets of arms to hold him, so the extra fussiness didn't only impact me.

So, vacation two...check! So far our 2 mini vacations have gone very well and have been pretty cheap. One more vacation to go...and maybe the best one yet :) Then back to reality and dealing with K's leg.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Quick Updates

Maddy is home. I still don't know the details on when and the circumstances of how she was picked up, but she was at the shelter. Luckily after only a $40 fine my mother was able to pick her up while I was at work. Although she seemed very nervous at first, she is back to her old self.

It's funny because the kids didn't seem to be upset about her being missing. S said that she was on a journey and just dismissed her being gone. K saw it as an opportunity to get a new puppy or kitten.

K has an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. It is about 2 weeks from now. Hopefully during this visit we can get everything planned including surgery date. I am tired of seeing my little girl in pain and with mobility problems. I will be beyond happy to put this behind us!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frustration Part Two

I called K's doc again today around noon. They didn't call back until about 5:30p and it was the receptionist, not the doctor, GRRR. They stated they have received the dictation and that the consult was sent off. When they get the appointment time they will call me. Anyone want to take bets on when I will hear back from them? I am thinking MAYBE late next week. Maybe I should call everyday until I hear from them. Become so obnoxious that they beg to pass us onto the next doctor.

I am starting to freak about money again. K's leg had already cost around $500 and we haven't even gotten to the expensive stuff yet.

Add that to.....
Broken A/C two weeks ago...
Auto Insurance Renewal due...
Dog that I have to bail out of the shelter...
A Work Certification I have to pay for...

I am not sure I will sleep very well tonight.

Enough Already


I can't take anymore. I am done. No more, thank you.

I got home today and had to grab the kids and head back out to run some errands. I got back to the home a little after 6p and N says someone called from the Animal Shelter about 'Crystal'. It took me a few seconds but I remembered that the name the shelter gave my dog Maddy as a puppy, ten years ago, was Crystal. I then suddenly realize...I haven't seen Maddy. I look high and low and she is no where. I can only assume that the shelter has her. I tried calling the number multiple times but apparently they close at 6p and no one will answer the phone after that time.

Several concerning factors here. Maddy is 10. She has NEVER wandered away. She neurotically sticks near the house and hates being outside for more than a few minutes. did the shelter get her? The only thing I can think of is N let her out and then 'fell asleep' on the couch leaving her out there. I guess if Maddy was ignored long enough she might wander. I also worry that she is hurt. We live on a very busy street and with her not used to wandering, I fear that something happened.

So I have to call tomorrow when the shelter opens at 12 noon!! I am afraid of how much this will cost me. I am sure I will have to pay a fine to the shelter and I hate to admit this, but her shots have lapsed, so I will also be charged for shots. Have I mentioned how tight money is right now?

I am sick to my stomach with worry. I hope she is okay. Tomorrow was already going to be beyond crazy busy, but I guess I now need to fit in a visit to the shelter. Sigh...

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