Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Have the Sweetest Little Boy


Today S had a dentist appointment. I have been talking this visit up for about a week as S had to have 8 sealants placed and I was really concerned at how well he would listen and cooperate with what needed to be done. We dropped K off at the drop in day care, which was the first time the twins had ever been separated like this.

When we got to the dentist you could tell that S was nervous but he was great. When the dentist came out he ran up and gave her a big hug. Parents wait in the lobby and S just walked through the door without looking back. About 20 minutes later, the dentist came and said they were done! She said S couldn't have been any better. He listened and followed all instructions. When she brought down the treasure box S took a bouncy ball and asked if he could have one for K too. I was so proud of him.
On the way home we stopped to get S a treat for being so good and everything he looked at, he wanted to make sure K would get it too. It was so cute to see him think about her like that. I have always known that my little man was so loving and compassionate. He loves to hug everyone and really seems to display true empathy when others are hurting. It was great to be with just him and be able to focus all my attention on him. I think I need to try harder in the future to go out with just one child and be able to focus on them once in while.
I hope my little man continues to be this sweet :) He will make a wonderful husband and father one day.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Days...

Where if someone offered cash for your kids you'd take it? The twins had an extremely late nap on Sunday and then didn't go to bed until 11p. This morning we were up early for gymnastics and then they had to go to drop off day care while I went to work for a short meeting. Any time the kids were with me they did nothing but whine, complain and throw tantrums. It drove me nuts. I swear, if I could have run away today...I would have.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Insemination Two

Despite being incapacitated by a horrible migraine, I managed to complete my second insemination this morning. I again couldn't do IUI so ICI was done. The insemination went smoothly and I am pretty happy with the timing. I surged with both my monitor and OPK's. My saliva scope and temps indicate that I probably Ovulated within the past 24hours, or within the next 24 hours.

Now I am left to obsess and over analyze the next two weeks. Ah...the joy. And for those who are interested, I will probably start testing on Wednesday, April 8th. Wish me luck!

Holy Sh!t...The Mother of all Migraines

I am not a major migraine sufferer. I usually have one a month...right around AF. It sucks, but usually I can work through them if need be and 99% of the time Alieve will take care of the pain. Last Saturday I had a HORRIBLE one. One so bad that I considered going to the ER. So bad, that I laid in the dark and cried. So bad that I threw up a few times. Once I woke up the next morning, it was gone and I hoped I wouldn't see that kind of migraine for a long time.

Then yesterday, after my MS walk I started with a migraine again. Quickly it escalated in pain and intensity. By dinner time I was laying in bed again in horrible pain. Again, the pain was unbearable...even worse then the weekend before. Around nine o'clock the vomiting started and this time didn't stop. Every 20-30 minutes I was up retching. Nothing in my stomach and the increased pressure on my head made this even worse. I think I finally fell asleep around 12:30a.

I woke up this morning with hopes that my horrible time would be over...sadly I was wrong. I still had this migraine from hell, now on the other side. Today it never got to the point of tears, but again I was bed-ridden. I searched the house for anything and could only find the Vicoden that was left over from my back injury. They didn't touch it. It wasn't until about 7p tonight that the pain finally left and I could stand up again. Of course we were in major need of groceries so I had to do that in my post-migraine haze.

And my poor house. Just imagine 2 three year olds with minimal supervision for over 24 hours. They were left free to their own devices and could get into any room or box they chose to. Just a few things include play-doh in the carpet...toy boxes emptied everywhere...all the reachable food either eaten or scattered about the house. Ugh...this is when being a single mom bites.

I am afraid that this will come again. I have never had migraines like these and now 2 in one week. For the next few days I will take Alieve every morning to keep these headaches at bay, but I will need to stop soon as they are contraindicated with pregnancy and of course I may be pregnant now. I hope to hell I won't experience another headache like this for awhile. If I do, I will need to look into prescription treatments because this cannot become a part of my life.

Saturday - MS Walk

I had my annual MS walk this Saturday. The weather was supposed to be miserable, but luckily the rain held out until our drive home. We had a lot of fun. I walked with my team and my good friends J & S came with me. S also brought her daughter C. The kids had a blast seeing all the animals at the zoo and I had a good time while walking for a great cause. I raised over $500 and I plan on making this a yearly event. Our color was orange - hence the kids colorful attire.

Insemination One - Friday

I decided to inseminate for the first time on Friday night. I think in retrospect I jumped the gun. Although I had many fertility signs, I still hadn't surged on the OPK's. Since I was now at CD15 I felt like maybe I would never surge and to just go ahead with the insemination. I wasn't able to do the IUI again, so it was just ICI. I just don't remember having this difficulty with IUI last time, but I guess pregnancy does change your reproductive anatomy, so maybe it's in a different place now - LOL.

Here are some pics of the equipment, because a friend of mine was interested in what it looked like.

The Box, which contains the dewer. My guess would be that it weighs about 25 pounds.

Here is the box opened, showing the sealed dewer.

The dewer with the top open. You can really tell in the pic, but it's smoking from the dry ice.

The container which contains the vials. You can see the 'smoking' better in this pic.

The stick with my vial.

My Frosty Vial :)

Friday Night Fun

On Friday we had a great play date with our twin group. The twins, who love everything inflatable, had a great time. After an hour of jumping we had a big pizza party! We had a large turnout which was wonderful since this year we have been struggling with participation. It was so funny to see two of everyone running around. I think in the end we had 24 kids with 8 or 9 sets of twins. Here are a few pics of my guys :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

OPK's Suck and Other Musings

I am so tired of peeing on sticks and waiting for lines to show up! It's CD14 which should mean a surge any time. My cervix and CM appear to be pointing to signs of fertility but those damn OPK's are still negative. Temps are still down and I haven't felt any true ovulation pain yet. I know I need to be patient but it's very hard. I just keep worrying that I will miss my window.

I thought this go round I would be less stressed since I already have the twins, but truth be told I think its more stressful. I think it's mostly due to limited vials and my need to have all the children by the same donor. I really hope I get a surge soon and I can inseminate.

I had my meeting at work today and my job is fine. No changes...at least not in position. Now my sitter has her meeting tomorrow. All signs point to her keeping her same job and position too, but until I hear it from her mouth, and know that my nanny is still mine...I will be a little worried.

Well...here's to a nice clear surge tomorrow and my nanny keeping her position. That would truly make a good Friday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Think it Will be Okay

We had the first meeting today at work and I think everything will be fine. I will know for sure tomorrow, but I am pretty confident that I can rest without worrying. Right now work is 'restructuring' all their positions and I was really freaked out that I might loose my part time 8 hour shifts, or even worse my position completely. Also, my babysitter, who also works with me at the hospital (but on weekends) appears to be safe with her position too.

I hope by the end of Friday I am still as relieved.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More To Come...

Right now I believe work is going to screw me over big time. I have been in a very crappy mood and my stomach has been in knots. I won't say more...because I'm just going to get upset about it. I will find out this week and share the results with you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cycle Update

Today is CD11. My shipment should be here on Wednesday. I am thinking I will probably inseminate on Thursday or Friday.

Initially I was freaked out this cycle because I registered high on CD9. I never register high until CD11 or later. I thought I would ovulate before my vials could arrive and therefore this cycle would also be a bust. Well, the monitor has stayed on high and so far my OPK's have been negative, so I think I'm okay.

I have also tracked my temperatures this month, which, I think, drives me more crazy then anything, but I am seeing if that sheds any more light on my cycle. All other fertility signs are slowly heading in the right direction. I hope this means my body is doing what it is supposed to and I will ovulate correctly and after my vials arrive.

In other news, I went to my neuro doc today for a routine follow up. He can't find anything wrong with my neurological exam and says I am doing great. He does however want to do another MRI just to see whats going on. Of course it will be scheduled in the next few weeks, a time period in which I wont know if I'm pregnant. Everything says MRI's are safe during pregnancy, but I have a feeling when I tell this to the radiologist, he won't want to do it. Oddly enough, that would be okay with me. In a way, I don't want to know whats going on. My life is fine right now and I have no MS symptoms. I don't want to ruin that by hearing that I have more lesions - ykwim? I assume that most likely, since I am symptom free, that I don't have any new activity, but there is always a chance. In a case like this...I truly believe ignorance is bliss.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun Day Today

Today we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa for the day. It was my sister J's 19th birthday so we got together for burgers and just hanging out. The kids had a blast.

S's favorite person is pop-pop so he was in heaven. My dad even drove S around on the lawnmower (don't worry the blades weren't going). I think S would have stayed on the mower all day long. K's favorite person is my sister, who the twins call Ya-ya. K got ya-ya to put make up on her and ya-ya even had some toys for her. K can be such a girly girl when she's with my sister.

The twins had a great time running around outside - the weather was beautiful - and playing with the dogs. They were in great moods until S got into something that broke him out. Poor thins was crying and clawing at a rash that appeared on his legs and bottom. After a baking soda bath and some benadryl he felt a little better and eventually fell asleep.

We are planing another trip in a few weeks and will probably take the boat out. Last time we did that K freaked out the entire time. I hope she likes it more this year.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Have Had My First Truly Embarrassing Kid Moment

Tonight we were at dinner and a very large man with a large beer belly walks by. K, with her loud outside voice says "Mommy that man has a big tummy!"

OMG. I wanted to crawl under a rock.

Where Does She Get This Stuff?

Last week I bought a bounce house from a friend of mine. Well I couldn't get it to work so when my dad came over yesterday he tried to work on it...also in vain. We decided that something must be wrong with the fan. K was not happy and said "fix it!" I told her that Pop-pop and I couldn't fix it and it was broke.

K looked at me for a second and said "Can we get a daddy to fix it?"

LOL...I wonder what made her think of that!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Very Sweet Gift

Today I got a very 'sweet' present from my friend J. She always knows when I am down. Thank you J. You shouldn't have done it, as you have you own worries and things to do, but it is very much appreciated.

Here is a pic. Before I could take it, or really enjoy it, the twins had already tore into it and taken some items. Isn't it great that once you have kids, nothing is truly just yours anymore?

OMG It's a Plastic Penis!

K has a Baby Alive Twin doll set. One is a boy and one is a girl. They are kind of anatomically correct and for whatever reason she has grown more fond of the boy baby. Well anyone who has a toddler knows that nothing in the house can be dressed. Not them and certainly not the dolls. So, most of the time, K is dragging along this naked boy doll to the store, daycare, restaurants...whatever. It is incredibly amazing the amount of stupid comments I hear from people who see this naked doll. The daycare worker actually dressed the doll in some clothing they had so that the poor doll wasn't exposed.

It's a penis people (and not even a very good one at that)...get over it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shipment #2 is on It's Way

I ordered my next two vials. I had a moment of panic last night thinking I had just 2 more tries before I have to involve a doctor. I am really, really hoping for success this time.

To try and nail down timing better I am temping, I will chart CM and Cervical position. I have a hand full of OPK's and I bought a saliva scope. I also bought some better IUI catheters. My insemination technique was my biggest 'failure' last cycle so I hope these will help.

Here's to that Christmas Baby!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hiding All Evidence of TTC

Thank goodness I was talking to my mom, and thank goodness she mentioned the possibility of coming to the house tomorrow while I was at work. My mom does not need to know about my plans. She is a very high stress person and would drive me crazy with her 'what-ifs' and 'what about nows'. I just can't handle that. So upstairs to my room I went and put away all testing materials, sticks, cups, syringes, etc. Luckily I am only on CD5 so I don't need any of that stuff right now.

Interesting story on how my mom found out I was TTC with the twins.

She knew that I was thinking about this route and of course I had just lost Zach, but for the same reasons above I didn't want to involve her in the process. Well on my second cycle she was over at the house. At the time I had two dogs, one of which was a PITA! Well I had my garbage on the front porch and that stupid dog tore into it. My mom decided to clean it up for me and of course what was one of the items that spilled out into the porch...a pregnancy test! UGH!

This time I only have one dog - who doesn't tear into the garbage. I have hidden all my supplies. The twins and N have no idea what I am doing. There should be no way that my mom will figure this out tomorrow! I plan on telling her when I am good and pregnant :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Do I Have Insurance?


So every paycheck I pay over $100 in premiums for insurance that I don't think does much. I am still getting denial letters about K's emergency room visit. We need to make individual and family deductibles before they will pay. Well it looks like for an $800 visit, I will be paying over half of that. I am on medications monthly that insurance doesn't want to pay for. I need 60 pills and they will provide 30 and charge me an outrageous $40 for. I am going through the appeals process now, but if they charge me $80 a month for them, I will be figuring out a way to live without them. S needs sealants for his teeth. Insurance is debating still on whether or not they will pay for that. I have honestly thought about dropping my kids from my insurance and getting them both on Medicaid. My income would actually allow that, the deductibles are next to nothing and so many more things are covered.
Sad, right...that I do the right thing and get screwed for it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What One Year of MS Can Look Like

Approximately one year ago I started treatment for my MS. There are 4 different basic options right now. They are all injections given on a different schedule. They all cause pretty significant side effect varying in degree. I chose to take Copaxone. While there are still side effects, I felt they were less life altering than the others. Unfortunately this drug is also the most frequent in dosing so I get to give myself daily injections. The side effect that I get, and approximately 70% of it users is very painful, welted, red injection sites. It can be a pretty dramatic reaction, but usually only last 30 minutes to an hour. I figure if this is what I have to deal with to keep the symptoms away, I will.

Since I have started, my neuro says that this drug has gotten better and better results from clinical trials. He is happy with the results so far and is happy with my choice. Currently in trials is an MS pill. Hopefully in the next 10 years I will be able to ditch the shots and start taking pills. What a wonderful day that will be for my skin!

One Years Worth of Shots

Some Very Cute Gifts

Here's a shout out to my friend J. The twins finally got their Birthday presents (long shipping time!) and they look great. Both S & K were so excited to have their names above their beds.

J, I know you got drill holes too, but OMG I have no idea how to hang them using those holes and having everything where you want it! So we used double sided tape :) They ended up showing up just fine against the yellow wall. That is perfect, since when they moved rooms eventually the letters can move with them.

Thanks J!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Binge Binge Binge


That's right. I need to get it out of my system because come Monday I am on a diet. I know I've said this before and I don't really have any proof that I will do any better this time but I know I have been out of control again. It drives me crazy that I just don't have the self-control or stamina that I did a few years ago when I lost all the weight I did. Even if I don't loose weight, I need to do this to be healthier for my upcoming pregnancy (hopefully). I am also going to try and do better with my exercise. In January I went to the Y to work out 3 to 4 times per week. In February I went like 4 times total and I don't think I've been this month. Come Monday...no excuses. I need to do this for my children if not for me.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well I finally started today and you know what, it was a relief. Finally I can move on to other things and focus on this cycle. I have already mapped out my 'probable' schedule, I have some supplies on hand which I need to practise a little on using and I've decided that when I order my sperm I will also order a saliva scope. I want to use as many fertility signs as possible. I have also started temping, which in the past, tends not to work, but I'm going to try again.

So...cycle #2. This one can work. This one will work :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling Better Today

I am still spotting with no flow. I finally broke down and called my OB. They thought it could be a few things
1.) Annovulatory Cycle
2.) Chemical Pregnancy
3.) Stress
Nothing they can do about any of it so I need to just keep waiting. If Monday comes and I'm still spotting with no flow, then I go in for some work-up. I'm also supposed to take a pregnancy test every other day until AF shows up even though both the nurse and I are certain I'm not pregnant.

I am really ready for this cycle to be done. I want to move on and start planning the next one. I;m not sure if I mentioned it here, but I have always said that I never want a Christmas baby. I just think its a horrible time of year to have a baby and that the kids then gets jipped when it comes to their birthday. Well guess what...if I start AF within the next few days, if I get pregnant next cycle, I will be due the week of Christmas!! I almost considered holding off next cycle...but we all know I'm way too inpatient.

I received my IUI catheters in the mail today. A good sign. A sign that I need to move on and focus and plan on the upcoming cycle. No use being angry with something I can't control and that is behind me.

So here's to the next cycle and a dratted Christmas baby :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Your in a Bad Mood...Everything Pisses You Off!

Gosh...where do I begin??

1.) Still just spotting. Heavier now, but AF is still not here.

2.) Got to work to be thrown into a mess of crap. People not doing their jobs and just assuming I will do it when I get there.

3.) Finding out that work had a Birthday Celebration yesterday for employees with February and March birthdays. Was I informed? Did they think to have it on a day I was there? Yes, very trivial but when your already mad at the world.

4.) Realizing that I should air my grievances on Facebook when my Mom is one of my friends. Was interrogated for 10 minutes on why I posted that Life Sucked. UGH.

5.) I need to go to Canada this May and thought I would actually make a vacation out of it. When I told this to my mom...who knows I would then need her to take N for my trip...her response..."I guess you just need to go for the day"...Wow, thanks mom.

6.) N insisting that she can stay by herself for the week I'm in Canada and then getting pissed because I said no. Yah, that's a great idea. Lets leave a demented, 83yo woman by herself for a week, who can't cook, go upstairs, drive and who constantly hallucinates. Right...I'm being unreasonable. She has no fucking clue does she?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trying to Lighten the Mood a Little

****15 YEARS AGO (1994)****
1) How old were you? 14
2) Who were you dating? No one
3) Where did you work? Babysitting
4) Where did you live? Bells Corners, Ont Canada
5) Where did you hang out? School, Home
6) Did you wear contacts or glasses?Nope
7)Who were your best friends? Julie C, Julie F, Sam, Kristen O
8) How many tattoos did you have? None
9) How many piercings did you have? 2 - Ear Lobes
10) What kind of car did you drive? Couldn't Drive
11) Had you been to a real party? Nope
12) Had you had your heart broken? Nope1
3) Were you Single/taken/Married/Divorced? Very Single
14) Any Kids? Nope

***10 YEARS AGO (1999)***
1) How old were you? 19
2) Who were you dating? No one
3) Where did you work? Babysitting
4) Where did you live? Where I do now :)
5) Where did you hang out? Home, Friends Home, School
6) Did you wear contacts and/or glasses? Nope
7) Who were your closest friends? Kim M, Misty, Heather, Gina
8) How many tattoos did you have? None
9) How many piercings did you have? Let my ears grow in so none
10) What car did you drive?A Blue CRV
11) Had your heart broken? Nope
12) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Single
13) Any Kids? Nope

****5 YEARS AGO (2004)****
1) How old were you? 24
2) Who were you dating? Nope
3) Where did you work? Same Hospital I work in now
4) Where did you live? Here
5) Where did you hang out? Home
6) Did you wear contacts and/or glasses? Nope
7) Who were your closest friends? Naomi, Lori, Sarah, Beth, Gena, Christine, Jean
8) How many tattoos did you have? None
9) How many piercings did you have? None
10) What car did you drive? Blue CRV Still
11) Had your heart broken? Nope
12) Were you Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Single
13) Any Kids? Zachary

****TODAY (2009)****
1) How old are you? 29
2) Who are you dating? Single
3) Where do you work? Same Place
4) Where do you live? Still here
5) Where do you hang out? Home, with the kids friends
6) Do you wear contacts and/or glasses? Nope
7) Who are your closest friends? Sarah, Shannon, Melissa, Jenn, Jenn, Jean, Katie, Chasidy
8) How many tattoos do you have? None
9) How many piercings do you have? None
10) What car do you drive? Silver Kia Sedona
11) Had your heart broken? Nope
12) Are you Single/Taken/Married/Divorced? Single
13) Any Kids? Lost my Zachary but now blessed with S & K

The Waiting Game Sucks

Yep, that's right...still haven't my period. I am still spotting and crampy. I have taken a pregnancy test, just in case, each morning and all have been negative and in fact, my pregnancy symptoms are starting to disappear. I guess I'm in for another 32 day cycle.

It just drives me crazy that before I TTC my cycles were 26 days and now that time is so precious they increase to 32 days. It bugs me that I decided to cause myself very convincing pregnancy symptoms to play with my head. It sucks that for about 24 hours I was convinced I was pregnant and experienced all that happiness with it, only to get swatted off that peak.

Yes, I know. Many of you are reading thinking this is only the first try, and most people don't get pregnant the first try. To be honest, until Saturday, I really didn't think it was going to work, and I was okay with it. Once AF starts, I will deal with it and move on. I just need AF to start.

**A weird little story that didn't help things**
I'm not really superstitious or someone who believes in signs, but on Saturday when I was starting to think I might be pregnant I received a pregnancy calendar that I had ordered in the mail. When reading the directions, it gave an example of how to fill out the calendar and said...if you O'd on March 9th....and then your due date would be November 16th. This is EXACTLY what happened with me this month. But alas, it wasn't the sign I thought it might be.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've started to spot. It's more than just a smear. AF will be here tomorrow. Why in hell did my body fell it necessary to screw with me the last few days? I thought I was out Friday. I hadn't had any strong positive feelings on Friday. I was ready to move on Friday. Instead the last two days I have allowed myself to get hopeful, I've daydreamed and apparently my mind has caused some pretty significant symptoms. Why? It just doesn't make any fu@cking sense.

Now I get to have a hard cry and feel sorry for myself. Why couldn't this have just ended Friday?

Another Gorgeous Day & A Trip to the Zoo

A friend of mine decided she was going to the zoo today and we decided to tag along. I'm so glad we did because the weather was amazing! I'm sure we got into the 80's. The twins are crazy about animals and had a blast seeing them all. We usually make one or two trips a year and it's amazing to see how the twins experience changes as they age.

The friend we went with is a good friend of mine and her twins get along great with my twins. It's very cute to watch. The Polar Bear was by far the best exhibit. He was very playful today, coming right up to the glass to push off and then throwing his ball around. He is soooo cute! S liked the monkeys and the lions the best while K says the elephants and giraffes were her favorite. My MS walk also takes place at the zoo so we will be going back in just a few weeks.

K with her new Polar Bear Glasses

S with his Tiger Glasses

The Polar Bear playing

S Sitting on a big bee

Two sets of twins on the praying mantis
K in a total diva pose

J, S & K in an Egg

S & K on Elephants

See how close the elephants got?

Ostriches with a giraffe way in the back

Riding the tram back to the car

And of course a TTC update. Right now I feel in my gut that I'm pregnant. I feel exactly the same way I did when I was pregnant with the twins. My breast pain and increased to general pain when I'm not even placing pressure on them and intense pain when anything is pushed up against them - like say a child. I could not carry S or K today at all. I'm frustrated that I'm still testing negative but I am now on CD28 when I usually have a 26 day cycle. So, so far, so good.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What A Beautiful Day!

I think it went up to 80 degrees today - gorgeous. The twins and I enjoyed the beautiful weather. We ran some errands today and didn't need coats - yippee!! I was able to get some grocery shopping done and open each of the kids a savings account. I was supposed to do that like 2 weeks ago, but better late then never. Tomorrow is supposed to be an equally beautiful day. I'm toying with the idea of taking the kids to the zoo. They would love it!!

And...TTC...you didn't think I could post something without that topic did you?
I'm still not spotting. My boobs still ache and I feel 'off''. Today is CD27 so one day late (for an average cycle anyway) but I am still testing negative. I don't know what to think or feel. Some times I swear I'm pregnant and it's just too early and then other times I know it's over and I wish AF would just come. I suppose Monday should reveal the true answer but I'm hoping I get an answer tomorrow...either way. The emotional roller coaster is killing me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

So Confused

My boobs are killing me. I am so tired I can barely keep my head up. The spotting has stopped and now I want to vomit.

If I'm pregnant, give me a positive test already. If I'm not pregnant, come on AF!


Another negative test and now some spotting. I'm out.

I think it was too much to think it could happen on the first try. I will try to chart better this month and see if it helps.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


10dpo - Negative Test

Gut Feeling - Negative

Remaining Symptoms - Breast Pain, Cramping, Fatigue, Lack of Spotting.

I guess I'll test until I either get a positive, or AF arrives.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bummed Out

Today I am back to feeling negative about this cycle. So much so that I went to CVS to buy more OPK's and a basal thermometer. I will test again in the morning (CD10) but I'm not holding out much hope.

I have had A LOT of cramping today around the area of the left side of my uterus. This is the side I ovulated from and I am trying to be hopeful thinking it's implantation or a growing uterus or whatever. AF is due Friday, so we will see.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Caved

And tested today. Of course it was negative. I shouldn't be surprised as it's on 8dpo and you really should wait until at least 10dpo.

So I will try hard to cool my jets and be patient.

Have I mentioned how much I hate TTC?

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Southern Snow Storm

I live in a part of the US were we might get one or two snowfalls each winter. When we do get snow, it's gone by that night. I have lived here almost 11 years and only one other time do I remember getting a decent amount of snow.

Well last night we got the big storm that pounded the East Coast. This area got 4+ inches. It was great, fluffy snow too! The kind perfect for snow balls and snowmen. The twins were beyond excited and we spent quite a bit of time outside today. Although cold, it was sunny so playing outside was not as painful as it sounds.

We took plenty of pictures...because who knows the next time we will see anything like it. And just to point out the weirdness of this weather...it's supposed to be in the high 70's this weekend.
S & K with their snowman. We had to use grapes for the eyes and mouth.
The House from the end of the driveway.
Can you see the dog? LOL

A Few Updates

Just a follow up to a few recent posts

- I was able to find some maternity overalls on Ebay. So far I am the high bidder but it's not over yet. Can you believe these suckers are at $52! I know they were $50 or $60 new. I guess I'm not the only one who NEEDS maternity overalls. I'm hoping I win, but man, I can't go much higher.

- With my sale profit I put most of it in the bank, but I took $100 cash and bought some pieces to the nursery set I want for the new baby. Not even pregnant but I have already chosen the theme - Oye! I have fallen in love with Fisher Price's Precious Planet set. I bought a few of the frames and decorative accessories. When I get confirmation on a pregnancy I will buy the bigger items.

- Today I am feeling a little less optimistic about this cycle. I don't know why. Things are really not that different from yesterday. I guess it's just natural to go back and forth. I think I will start testing on Thursday, although truthfully I should wait until Sunday or Monday.

I think that's all the updates. Maybe I will come up with more later.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Twin Post


I haven't posted anything about the twins recently. Gee...I wonder why.

We have very good news, the twins are both potty trained! About 2 weeks ago they both decided they were BIG and didn't need diapers anymore. Of course they still wear them to bed, but they are in underwear all day long, even when we leave the house :)

I never really 'trained' them but rather showed them what they were supposed to do and let them take the lead. Training, I decided, was not a power struggle I wanted. I knew eventually they would decide to cooperate and go from there.

So I am now a very happy mommy. Two out of diapers...and hopefully in a few months another one into them.

Random Symptoms

So these are the things that are messing with my head. I am only 6 days post ovulation so I don't even think it's medically possible for any of this to be something significant...but here it goes.

1.) I was nauseous Saturday. K threw up after a coughing fit and I gagged while cleaning it up. I usually have no problem with vomit. I am around it all the time.
2.) My breasts are tender and my nipples have been burning.
3.) My uterus is a little crampy
4.) I cried today while someone was talking about Steve Irwin. I mean, it's a sad story...but me...crying? It's a little weird.

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