Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When Did People Stop Being Greatful?

I feel like there is an epidemic of people feeling like they are entitled to what life has to offer. They are not grateful to what comes to them, because on some level, they believe they deserve it, and your job was to give it to them.

Family A that our Multiples group adopted was a mom with infant twins who were born early. She also had a teenage daughter with a 2yo son. We bought several hundred dollars worth of items for the children and arranged a drop off. Me and another mom dropped the items off and this woman didn't even feel it necessary to be there. Her teenage daughter took the items and barely commented or said thanks. The only real thing she asked was who was bringing the presents for her and her mom. WTF? A simple thank you would have satisfied me.

The second family, whom I had to drop off items to the next day, was a single mom with 4 children, the youngest two being twins. At first I didn't even want to meet her because she was so difficult to pin down a time and then after experiencing Family A's crap the day before, my spirit was kinda killed. Well, thank goodness I did go because she renewed my faith in people. She gave us a card saying thank you and even baked some cookies. It wasn't much, but at least it said she was grateful for the help.

If only more people could be like mom B.

1 comments on "When Did People Stop Being Greatful?"

tripntwinmom on January 3, 2009 at 5:29 AM said...

That is so disheartening...People are just like that sometimes and it just makes it sad....

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