Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feeling a Bit Better

Last week was rough for so many, many reasons. More reasons than I will go into. But, the important thing is that it's better, and I have a plan on how to deal with most of it. I will go into two of the endless stressors just because I'm sure I'll have more to write soon.

I am trying to do better with taking care of myself. It's always a struggle, but one thing I decided to do was get back to some doctors that I have been needing to see. Well one doctor followed up a simple, innocent statement I made and now I have to have surgery. Initially this was an office procedure that was no big deal with virtually no recovery time, to no...the risk of bleeding is too high  so now it's a full out surgery with general anesthesia in the local hospital. Sigh...I actually initially told them nevermind, I don't want it done. After thinking about it for a few days I decided I needed to go forward. So, now I have even more pre-op doctors appointments and a surgery scheduled for October 4th.

I have mentioned my sister J before. She dates all the NFL players. She was with a Steeler for awhile, then a Panther and early this year started dating a Packer. She has been with this guy for longer than the others, however keep in mind they have never spent more than 10 continuous days together. The vast majority of their relationship has been via text or phone. J's plan had been to move to Green Bay in January for them to solidify their relationship with the plan to eventually get married. Okay, I figure it was a long shot, but hey, she's young and miracles do happen.

Well early last week J found out she was pregnant. This is such a sad thing. J has never been able to even take care of herself. She is 23 but very immature and has always been dependent on people. Heck, she is currently living in my office because she was driving my parents nuts. There is no way this girl can take care of a baby. Add to that the fact that now her, low likely to survive relationship is now almost certainly destined for doom and it makes the situation even sadder. I am so mad at her for allowing this to happen. She has no clue what she has done and her and my mom have the balls to be upset with me because I'm not celebrating the news.

I don't think I've mentioned this here either, but in November my parents are retiring to Mexico. They plan to live there in the winter and their cabin home in the summer. This means that J's only family here is me. This means that I am now home base for J to run away to when her and her boyfriend decide they hate each other. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to have her and a baby in my house. My life is hard enough and I am not helping to raise her and her baby. Really, the only silver lining to this whole event is her boyfriend has a multi-million dollar contract so I would hope she will never have to fight for support or financial help.

So, keep me in your thoughts until January when J moves out of my house...hopefully never expecting to return!

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